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Band of Brothers (2001) (TV36)

9.4/10 362,397
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Band of Brothers
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release date 2001-09-09
IMDb ID tt0185906

episodes (TV36)

นี่คือเรื่องราวของ "E" Easy Company, Nariment 506 ของแผนก Airborne ที่ 101 จากการฝึกอบรมครั้งแรกเริ่มต้นในปี 1942 ถึงจุดสิ้นสุดของสงครามโลกครั้งที่สอง พวกเขากระโดดร่มอยู่เบื้องหลังสายศัตรูในเวลาเริ่มต้นของ D-Day ในการสนับสนุนการลงจอดที่ Utah Beach มีส่วนร่วมในการปลดปล่อยการปลดปล่อยของ Carentan และทะเลาะกันอีกครั้งในระหว่างการดำเนินงานในสวนตลาด พวกเขายังปลดปล่อยค่ายกักกันและเป็นคนแรกที่เข้าสู่การพักผ่อนบนภูเขาของฮิตเลอร์ใน Berchtesgaden นิทานที่น่าสนใจของสโมสรที่อยู่ในท้ายที่สุดเรื่องราวของผู้ชายธรรมดาที่ทำสิ่งที่ไม่ธรรมดา

photos (TV36)

Band of Brothers Band of Brothers Band of Brothers Band of Brothers Band of Brothers Band of Brothers Band of Brothers Band of Brothers Band of Brothers Band of Brothers

film review (TV36)

I have no words to describe how i feel
At first I thought it was just gonna be another simple ordinary war movie like other movies.....but i should literally say its one of the best best ever series that i have watched a long time....i would suggest each and every one of you to do must watch it atleast once in their lives. And i like this Series in the way they took each scenes in a most realistic just made me to think that i m actually living in a well sophisticated life where they people lived in a plight of the hell those days...and that is why i like it very much as at the end they made to make up our minds to believe war is not the one way to come over the hobble to curb the other in such a violence and agonising way.... through this Series i came to know how hard people fought against the central powers amid the bad weather and poor supplies of food and ammo...and make me feel all the soldier in the easy company were the real heroes of the world. I would like to make a big salute to the worrier with true respect.
guest review Fri Sep 18 2020
A truly masterpiece
I'm out of words really. what could I say actually? It is the greatest cinematic war work I have ever seen til now and definitely one of the best WWII embodiment. I can't describe how much it was realistic. I was fascinated by the characters' variety. I was also amazed when I glanced Tom Hanks is one of the directors and one of the producers with Steven Spielberg. Moreover, I really liked the structure of each episode, How it did starts with that chilling intro, then the real heroes giving a preface and finally the side facts of each story at the end. I loved how each episode somehow focused on one of the characters view and story. The cast was amazing. The cinematography absolutely deserves a huge credit for those incredible shots and excitement. I haven't caught any flaw in any episode. I really enjoyed every minute of this series. I felt I was with them in so many moments. I won't forget this. I am certainly will watch this again one day. Thanks for every single person who took apart in to create this masterpiece.
guest review Fri Sep 18 2020
Band of Brothers
Band of Brothers, even the title makes me feel good! I absolutely loved this series! I watched it religiously on T.V and then brought the DVD box set which was worth every penny! The box set makes you realise the terror of War, and how soldiers bond in conflict like no other! It shows you how men were tore apart over the loss of their comrades, and how the events of war scar a person physically and mentally. The film follows the events of Easy company and the 101st airborne! This company was argued to be the toughest and most disciplined in the whole 101st, and this is certainly shown in the film, from training in camp Toccoa to the end of the war in Austria the film keeps you gripped and interested in the events of Easy company! To be honest, no comment can be written that can explain this series! You have to watch it for yourself! This is without a doubt the best World War 2 series i have ever seen! It makes you respect the men of Easy company and all those that fought in the War! I hope you take into mind my re-view, and watch this film! Regards, Scott.
guest review Fri Sep 18 2020

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